Katja Feustel

How you as a caregiver can thrive without feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or burnt out

I help parents of special needs children as well as professional and private caregivers  to build their resilience skills. You can learn how to manage stress, anxiety and guilt in order to prevent or manage caregiver burnout. With my individual tailored  resilience training program you will gain these skills  and  thrive personally while you care for your family member or patients.

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Your advantages

You will become more resilient

I will show you strategies how to bounce back from adverse situations. You also will gain emotional strength to cope with trauma and difficult situations

You can manage stress and anxiety well

with different excercises and strategies you will get some tools to manage your feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety

Strong sense of self-efficacy

You will learn to belief in yourself and how to practice self-care and mindfulness. With different tools you will become aware and guilt free to look after yourself to be the best caregiver you can be.

What you will get in my coaching

Personal 1:1 support

You will be supported personally by myself and receive my complete knowledge. I will tailor my coaching to your individual situation and we will reach your goal together.

Weekly Live-Calls

Once a week we will talk together in video calls. We will discuss in detail how your past week was and what goals we will approach in the next week

Simple Step-by-Step-Instruction

You will receive a crystal clear step-by-step instruction, which I have created with several years of optimizing. You know exactly what you need to do and you will reach your goal safely.


You will learn to accept your situation with different excercises and worksheets. We will explore your limiting beliefs , look at your values and practise forgiveness.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

In my coaching course I will show you different methods and tools how you can manage negative stress and minimise anxiety


I will teach you how to look after your own health and wellbeing without feeling guilty. With the right mindset and change of habits you will gain new strenghts to look after others that you care for.

About me...

My vision as a certified Resilience practitioner and Anxiety Coach is to help many people caring for a family member or professionally to prevent or manage feelings of burnout.  
I’m  also a qualified nurse  with  experience of working in children’s hospices in Germany and England for 15 years.  I gained  experience in caring for children with chronic and life-shortening illnesses as well as supporting parents, siblings and relatives.
During this time I have also learnt to manage the impact of caring for others and how to be mindful and manage emotional and physical stress in order to prevent caregiver burnout.
I started to look into self development resources and have taken part in life-coaching myself to find methods to develop my own coping skills. 
Further studies, various training courses and seminars in the areas of palliative care, mentoring, coaching , positive psychology and animal-assisted interventions have given me many tools to combine them with my professional experience in care. 
I would like to show different strategies for coping with stress, as well as taking fears and anxiety seriously and helping  to learn how to deal with common struggles.
We all can learn to bounce back quickly from difficulties. I would like to pass on all my knowledge and experience how to use the right methods and strategies to help you live a fullfilling and happy life while caring for others.

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